5 Reasons to Join the #PikaArmy

3 min readJan 31, 2024

As the Founders of Pikamoon, we’re always excited to share our bullishness behind what we’re building.

When it comes to the ongoing PIKA Presale, we view this as your gateway into a revolutionary Web3 gaming experience…and that’s to say the least.

In essence, this is because PIKA isn’t just a cryptocurrency; it’s the lifeblood of the entire Pikaverse and its surrounding Play-to-Earn (P2E) wonders.

To explain this rationale further, here are five reasons why PIKA is a breath of fresh air for every gaming enthusiast or trader out there.

1) It’s an Exciting Project

Although still cocooned in its ICO, PIKA is set to become much more than just a standard crypto token.

Why? Because with the launch of Pikamoon’s AAA gaming experience, adoption for its native token is set to skyrocket as more #PikaArmy members pile in.

2) Your Gateway Into AAA P2E Gaming

As you should already know, your PIKA bag also serves as your ticket into a vast metaverse of P2E adventures — be it through a rich tapestry of online multiplayer battles, or immersive and more intimate solo campaigns.

Using this logic, PIKA is therefore a dual-pronged digital token that plays two roles… the first being its stature as a popular GameFi token, and the second being its use as an access key for entering a world of P2E.

3) Free NFTs

As our previous blog explores, a purchase in PIKA isn’t just about the token itself; it’s about the entire metaverse ecosystem it supports.

Further, with every $300 PIKA purchase comes a free Pikamoon NFT…i.e. the gamified mystical species that make-up the Pikaverse populace.

Without a team of Pikamoon NFTs, your Dreva journey can never commence…

…Three prongs have now appeared…

4) Enhancing Your P2E Prospects

In addition to being an appreciating asset, your portal into the Pikaverse, and a redemption key for free NFTs, PIKA is also of service right where it truly matters… IN GAME.

With the Pikamoon Store as its place of barter, the token can be exchanged for various Pikamoon NFT upgrades — such as magic boosts, health potions, and weapons.

Although being cool gamified enhancements in of themselves, these PIKA-facilitated transactions will be used as a strategic pathway for gamers, as they will essentially grant greater scope for victory…and therefore greater scope for in game success.

With this in mind, this fourth prong illustrates how PIKA is also a vehicle for earning even more of itself!

5) PIKA Staking:

And finally, PIKA’s fifth prong of utility comes through its staking capabilities.

By staking your PIKA tokens, two magical things happen…

Firstly, you’re supporting the longevity of the Pikaverse by keeping its native token in low circulating supply (therefore driving up prices through ensuring the scarcity and stability of the token).

Secondly, you earn even more PIKA whilst doing so.

Put simply, your can stake PIKA for the benefit of the Pikaverse as whole…

In Conclusion

Additionally, download the Pikamoon Beta and join thousands of other players in winning a share of our $10,000 prize pot!




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